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Thomen rejoins Savage Circus!
Thomen on 20.04.2012 um 10:34 (UTC)
 Hi friends!

Here is the promised news for 2012! Hope you all like it!
The following text is taken from our official Savage Circus bandpage on facebook.
I`ll keep you informed about further activities of the band.....

Allright guys!

After quite a while of silence from SC we`re again ready to drop some news your way.

Some of you might have thought 2009s Of Doom and Death was the last thing you`d hear from this band but this is simply not the case.

After some structural changes in the band (check out and read Piet`s statement) we are ready with a new line-up and we are at the moment in the midst of writing new material for the third album which should be due at the end of this year.

Anyway, I suppose you are curious about the new line-up, so here it goes.

Jens Carlsson - Vocals
Emil Norberg - Guitars
Michael "Mi" Schüren - Keyboards
Thorsten "Toto" Hain - Guitars

And finally on mighty drumming Mr. Thomen Stauch!

Yeah that`s right, he`s back!

As written, new stuff is being written as we speak and we should be able to let you guys hear some clips in some months from now and we`ll try to keep you updated along the way as we make progress on the new for now untitled album.

Cheers guys!

/The Band

First news on this site....
Thomen on 06.07.2011 um 00:15 (UTC)
 Hello friends,

It`s been a while since I`ve given a last sign of life, but I`m still alive as you can see. ;-)
The one or the other of you might have seen me out of music business already, but of course, I`m not!
Since my split with Savage Circus I`ve been trying to find the perfect musicians for my new Power/Speed Metal Band, but it wasn`t as easy as I expected. Several musicians that joined the band and started working with me on my songs, left it again some weeks or months later already, because of their time schedules. Almost on the edge of despair I decided to go on writing the songs more or less alone for now and to search the right musicians later.....BUT THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED.....

New contacts, new plans, new hope......

Finally you can expect a release with new powerful music from me around late summer 2012! We`re working hard on the songs, but we had to change a lot of stuff in the songs to make it fit perfectly to the new band members. Probably I will announce the musician`s names around beginning of 2012.

Perhaps we`ll also provide you with some new samples from COLDSEED in the next few months already. Let time pass and we`ll see what it brings.....


That`s it for now...I`ll keep you updated..!
THANKS A LOT for still believing and trusting in me after such a long break....but it will be worth the wait, I promise! Without YOU, my fans and friends, I would be nothing!

Hugs, cheers and all the best!
By the thunder of my drums, :-D





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