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Thomas Stauch, better known as "Thomen" (a portmanteau word of "Thomas" and "the Omen") (born 11 March 1970) is a speed / power metal drummer, who has worked with various bands in the past. He began his career with the German power metal act Blind Guardian. He was a founding member of the band, playing drums on their 1985 demo, Symphonies of Doom. He remained with the band until March 2005, with his last release from the band being the Live-DVD "Imaginations Through the Looking Glass", and his last studio album being the 2002 release "A Night at the Opera". Thomen left the band because of different musical views about the style for the upcoming album, which is known under the title "A Twist in the Myth" by now.

While still in Blind Guardian, Thomen formed Savage Circus with Persuader vocalist Jens Carlsson and guitarist Emil Norberg and completed the band's lineup with Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) as 2nd guitarist. Savage Circus released their debut album Dreamland Manor in August 2005. The band was actually supposed to be just a project, but after Thomen had left Blind Guardian, SC became his main band. On August 17th, 2007 Thomen was fired from the band by Piet Sielck on an illegitimate way, followed by several rumors about Thomen in the international press.

Since 2005 Thomen also plays drums for the "modern metal / alternative" band Coldseed with Soilwork frontman Björn "Speed" Strid and Blind Guardian keyboardist Michael "Mi" Schüren. Mi and Thomen had the idea to form this band while sitting bored in the tour bus on a 2 day travel during Blind Guardian´s "A night at the opera-USA Tour" in Dec. 2002. In 2006 they released their debut album "Completion makes the tragedy". Meanwhile Björn Strid has left the band because of his very tight schedule with his main band Soilwork. Momentarily the band is working on their 2nd album with a new talented vocalist from Germany.

Since Thomen´s split-up with Savage Circus, he tried to form a new power metal band, but through the years he had to deal with several problems concerning the chosen musicians for the band. Unreliable behavior and too tight schedules of some of the musicians who´ve joined him had put a spoke in his wheel for months. Almost on the edge of despair Thomen decided to write a big part of the songs on his own and to search for the right musicians, later.
In late Spring 2011 everything changed immediately, when Thomen opened up new perspectives by getting in contact with some musicians that he finally could commit for his new, still unnamed, power metal band. The band is optimistic to finally release the album around late summer 2012. The band will surely spring a surprise on Thomen´s loyal fans and the metal community!

Thomen´s fans love him for his fast and technical drumming skills. Of course, Thomen won´t hide his roots and is going to provide his fans with further double-bass attacks and percussion elements on his upcoming release as well! He uses Premier Drums, Paiste cymbals and Vic Firth drumsticks.

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